Survey: How do you find your documents?

For my ongoing research, it would be helpful to gather some feedback from random people on their personal document management, navigation and information seeking preferences. Please send your answers to alexeya (at) gmail (dot) com or just attach a comment below. Thanks in advance!

Using “win-key” in KDE

It is nearly impossible to buy a PC keyboard without a key with the flag icon, which is usually referred as a “Win-key”. It is, of course, a question if there are any logical reasons to stamp a particular private OS logo on a universal hardware, but I am not going to discuss it right now. Instead of that, let’s see how to use this additional key for improving Linux user productivity.

[Tips & Tricks:] Required text fields in Swing

This article starts a “Tips & Tricks” serie of “Chronicles” which is a result of my comeback to heavy coding. The posts in this serie are the bits of coding experience, a small inventions and solutions which every programmer does everyday. Read the latest Tips&Tricks in Technology::Coding category.

Swing dialogs by default have no idea about “required” text fields, that is the fields which should be filled to perform a task. In this article I suggest a simple way how to automatically highlight the fields which have to be non-empty.

Filesystem is evil

Do we need a better way to store and organize our data or we are doomed to stick with old unefficient tools?