Choosing an OS

There is April – the time of “to upgrade or not to upgrade” question for every Ubuntu user. For sure, the 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” release is going to be LTS (Long-Term Support) so perhaps, the answer in another time would be simple and obvious. But for me, things are much more complex now.

This article is mostly negative but I am rather confused than angry. Yes, I know that it makes no sense to bitch about open-source software: the only adequate response would always be “come in and make it better” and I am 100% agreed with that point. But the problem is much bigger than the bugs or missed features or even than controversial design decisions: the problem is an attitude which is much more difficult, if even possible to fix.

Kubuntu Hardy

Finally moved my main working machine to Kubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron”. Yeah, late a bit, but it is my everyday working environment so I have to take these upgrades very seriously to not put my work into mess even for a day. Fortunately, no bad things were happened and in a lucky weekend I got Kubuntu 8.04 installed with all software I needed.

Another mail from Ubuntu


Thanks, Ubuntu!

Ubuntu mail

This morning I’ve got a package:

Thanks, Ubuntu!

Settling in a new system

Changing OS is like moving to a new home – it is empty and clean and looks not so fond and comfortable as your old flat. But, bit by bit, it looks inhabited more and more – you’re placing a furniture, sticking a wallpaper by your own taste and making the home full of your belongings, gadgets and knick-knacks.

The difference between good and not-so-good Linux distribution is how often you have to keep a hammer and file in your hands while making the system good for living. In this sense, Ubuntu is a good system.

Installing Kubuntu

… is really a snap. Indeed, Feisty Fawn was my easiest Linux installation – about half an hour from disk partitioning to getting into a working system. All my hardware have been recognized and installed correctly – even such exotic pieces like DVB-card. This device is a key part of my networking subsystem and a source of headache with building and configuring custom kernel. It was a good surprise to see it working out of the box.


Contents of the Desktop CD is not too rich but enough as a basic kit for the most of home/office tasks. Now I am in the process of installing all extra stuff I need and moving all my environment from old (Fedora) installation. So, my system is dual-booted until this process is done.

Feisty Fawn

I’ve downloaded Kubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn” released yesterday (Apr, 19).Desktop CD Image. This night.

Unfortunately, I have a business trip next week so I will not be able to get into its installation quickly. The problem is to backup everything and invent optimal partitions scheme, ‘coz I don’t want to loose my working Fedora installation until new system is ready. Maybe, I even have to get a new harddrive.

So far, trying it from the CD. Looks good.