SCAN project announce

SCANViceVersa Technologies presents the first public release of SCAN (Smart Content Aggregation and Navigation) platform. SCAN is a personal Information Retrieval framework, combining search, text analysis, tagging and metadata functions to provide new user experience of desktop navigation and document management.

Firefox 2.0

Firefox I’ve moved from Firefox 1.5 to the hot new 2.0 version. Though I think the changes I have found don’t worth to increase a major version number, Firefox got better anyway. Even at first sight.

[Tools:] BasKet – A persistent clipboard

BasKet is one of those small productivity tools which does a lot for improving our life’s quality. Everyday we deal with tons of small data items – text quotes and notes, web links, passwords, mail addresses, phone numbers etc. Generally, these units of a user microcosm are too small and too numerous to be stored as files and should be easily findable and quickly accessible. BasKet is a KDE software which is intended to manage this kind of data.

Eclipse and PHP

I am not a hardcore PHP developer, but eventually I deal with writing, fixing or managing some PHP code. Recently I got in development of custom Drupal modules so PHP appears to be my primary language now.

I should say I am old fan of Eclipse IDE. It is my only IDE for Java development since 2.0 version (2001?) and also for Python some time ago. Because of my sporadic PHP experience before, I never had an idea of using Eclipse for PHP development but the time has come and I installed PHPeclipse plugin.

Picasa for Linux

A month ago I wrote that digiKam had no competitors among photo-management software for Linux. Now it seems it has – Google Labs released a Linux version of their popular Picasa software.

Wine and Photoshop

It was a challenge – I got a bunch of the web-design sketches created in Photoshop. What I had to do with them under Linux? Yes, GIMP works with PSD format, but it does so… say, not very well. I’m too lazy to go and run a Windoze box to convert them to another format, and furthermore, I needed to keep layers and other Photoshop-specific stuff.

Why not to try to run Photoshop under Wine? – I thought. I should say, I never had used Wine technology before. I had some biases against it and for years of using open source I missed no Windows apps. But it seemed it was just the case.

[Tools:] digiKam – Manage your photos

digiKamdigiKam is a digital photo management application for KDE. It provides a full image processing cycle – from acquiring and editing to collection organizing, browsing and exporting.