Getting new mail onto the desktop

I had nice last weekend gathering new harvest of apples, drinking fresh apple juice and playing with SuperKaramba widgets – a good opportunity to take a sort of “recreational programming”. Perhaps all modern KDE users know those nice resource eaters eye-candies which are living right on the desktop surface and displaying the clocks, calendars, weather forecasts, system monitors and so on.

Instead of developing some Yet Another Big Animated Clock, I decided to write something practical. What I’d like to have is a widget which would ask my e-mail client (KMail) for the headers of the latest unread messages to show them on the desktop.

Memoranda 1.0-RC3 released

By many reasons, we had no new Memoranda releases for really long time. But meanwhile, there were some notable improvements towards 1.0 Final release so today I released the 1.0 Release Candidate 3 version. It can be downloaded from here. It is a full distribution, that is it includes sourcecode, all dependency libraries and the prebuilt JAR (build 20060703.15). This release is tagged in CVS repository as v1_0_RC3.

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Filesystem is evil

Do we need a better way to store and organize our data or we are doomed to stick with old unefficient tools?

About Memoranda: Part II

About Memoranda: Part I

Memoranda is an open-source and cross-platform (Java) software for personal projects scheduling and diary management. I have started it as an opensource project on SourceForge in 2003 and it grows out of jNotes software developed in 2002.