My photos on Flickr

I own a free Flickr account since 2006 using it primarily for reposting selected pictures from my self-hosted photo gallery. Now, after major redesign, Flickr offers a free terabyte for everyone and  lots of other nice features, so I decided to migrate all my gallery content to this service:

The old gallery at will be kept in place for archive purposes. I don’t think that any new photos will be posted there.

Upgraded lens kit

For a while I’ve been happy about my all-in-one setup with Sigma 18-250 mega-zoom. But after a year of shooting with that lens, I began to look at a better equipment in terms of optical quality but still not sacrificing universality as possible.

Zoom zoom zoom

After a thousand of shots I made with new Canon EOS 600D and its kit 18-55mm IS lens, I’ve got an itch to extend my focal length limits – specifically, at the longer end. So, I needed a telephoto zoom lens.

Until recently, good long-focus lenses (those huge telescope tubes) were the property of professional photographers and few consumer-oriented models available at the market suffered from average-to-poor image quality. Fortunately, the progress in technologies in last few years changed this situation. Now, it’s not a problem for even an amateur photographer to get an affordable, relatively compact telephoto zoom providing pretty decent performance in a focal range up to 300mm at a reasonable price.

New camera

I finally joined the DSLR camp with Canon EOS 600D aka Rebel T3i.

Why Canon?

Well, I’d been a long-time user of PowerShot series and never had long thoughts about my next compact camera: so was with picking a SLR. I felt like improving my shooting experience but not to change it radically. I expected a comfortable learning curve and that the basic UI things were common among all Canon line-ups that would make my transition smoother.