How to make a shortcut for Memoranda in KDE

Because of its crossplatform nature (“run anywhere”), Memoranda has no default “installer” to be embedded into user’s desktop environment automatically. But it is pretty easy to integrate it into that environment. Let’s see how to do that in KDE case.

Memoranda: JVM 1.4 compatibility fix

What happened was – I have moved to Java 5 since RC-2 release so I compiled the public build of RC-3 on it. The Java compiler (javac) has one thing – if you didn’t specify desired JVM version in its ‘target’ parameter, it supposed the compiled classes compatible only with the current version. I overlooked this fact at all and got Memoranda 1.0-RC3 release built as “JVM1.5-only” though the sourcecode was 1.4-compatible. I got it only when 1.4 users begun to complain. So, I was forced to rebuild it and release the 1.4-compatible update.

A good lesson for a release maintainer. “Build Once Run Everywhere” is not so simple, you see.

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Memoranda 1.0-RC3 released

By many reasons, we had no new Memoranda releases for really long time. But meanwhile, there were some notable improvements towards 1.0 Final release so today I released the 1.0 Release Candidate 3 version. It can be downloaded from here. It is a full distribution, that is it includes sourcecode, all dependency libraries and the prebuilt JAR (build 20060703.15). This release is tagged in CVS repository as v1_0_RC3.

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About Memoranda: Part II

About Memoranda: Part I

Memoranda is an open-source and cross-platform (Java) software for personal projects scheduling and diary management. I have started it as an opensource project on SourceForge in 2003 and it grows out of jNotes software developed in 2002.