Semantic Web disillusion

If you are a SW addict like I am myself, consider to read this article. It’s very mind-sobering. The last year or two we all had uneasy feeling that something was going wrong but nobody ever dared to analyze and understand what and why. The author of this article did.

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Blogosphere statistics

David Sifry (CEO of Technorati) posted interesting analytics in his regular “State of the Blogosphere” report (Part 1: On Blogosphere Growth, Part 2: On Language and Tagging):

  • Technorati now tracks over 37.3 Million blogs
  • The blogosphere is doubling in size every 6 months
  • It is now over 60 times bigger than it was 3 years ago
  • On average, a new weblog is created every second of every day
  • 19.4 million bloggers (55%) are still posting 3 months after their blogs are created
  • Technorati tracks about 1.2 Million new blog posts each day, about 50,000 per hour
  • English, while being the language of the majority of early bloggers, has fallen to less than a third of all blog posts in April 2006.
  • Japanese and Chinese language blogging has grown significantly.
  • Technorati now tracks more than 100 Million author-created tags and categories on blog posts.

45% of new bloggers give up during first 3 months after they started! Fortunately, the “Chronicles” is five months old, so it passed that critical point.

I was surprised to discover that English is not a primary language of the blogosphere and that its Japanese and Chinese parts are nearly so large as the English one.