There is a button, stupid

Long tweaking and hacking an open source software code can lead to a sort of very special menthal syndrome. This is a real life dialog in the kitchen:

Me: This microwave has very annoying, shrill beep. I hate it! I gonna break it and cut that damned beeper off.
My wife: Don’t be surprised but there is a button sequence which makes the owen silent.

Probably, I have to take a rest.

Networking under bombings

He is a guy I owe for my fast and cheap satellite internet connection at home. He is a programmer from Ukraine who develops and supports Globax – a great free band-saving tunnel solution for sat-internet and also took part in development of DVB drivers for Linux.

Now he is a network administrator in Lebanon. He refused to leave it after Israel’s attack and now his daily job is to revive permanently destroyed communications to provide internet under bombings in the distressed country.

People don’t know who are the programmers

I think I am only partly a programmer (I have a lot of other interests) but when I getting acquainted with “non-computer” people I usually introduce myself as a “programmer” – just for simplicity. Everybody realized who the “programmers” are but often their imagination is a bit strange. Here is a typical talking: