I’ve registered new project on SourceForge. Jacinth is an embeddable WYSIWYG HTML editor for Java/Swing, perhaps well-known for Memoranda users. It has been developed as a part of Memoranda and now it is available as a separate library. Actually, this is the first step in Big Memoranda Refactoring process (aka Memoranda 2.0).

[Tips & Tricks:] Required text fields in Swing

This article starts a “Tips & Tricks” serie of “Chronicles” which is a result of my comeback to heavy coding. The posts in this serie are the bits of coding experience, a small inventions and solutions which every programmer does everyday. Read the latest Tips&Tricks in Technology::Coding category.

Swing dialogs by default have no idea about “required” text fields, that is the fields which should be filled to perform a task. In this article I suggest a simple way how to automatically highlight the fields which have to be non-empty.

Filesystem is evil

Do we need a better way to store and organize our data or we are doomed to stick with old unefficient tools?