Raytracing Middle-earth


Recently I played with raytracing and POV-Ray for artificial landscapes generation. My goal was to have the realistic “Google Maps-style” images of the Middle-earth terrains to create the maps for Tolkien Gateway Encyclopedia – the wiki project I’m involved in. You can see my first outcome here. This is a reduced snapshot of rendering the whole scene.

Picasa for Linux

A month ago I wrote that digiKam had no competitors among photo-management software for Linux. Now it seems it has – Google Labs released a Linux version of their popular Picasa software.

[Graphics:] Wine poster

Wine and Photoshop

It was a challenge – I got a bunch of the web-design sketches created in Photoshop. What I had to do with them under Linux? Yes, GIMP works with PSD format, but it does so… say, not very well. I’m too lazy to go and run a Windoze box to convert them to another format, and furthermore, I needed to keep layers and other Photoshop-specific stuff.

Why not to try to run Photoshop under Wine? – I thought. I should say, I never had used Wine technology before. I had some biases against it and for years of using open source I missed no Windows apps. But it seemed it was just the case.

[Graphics:] Yin & Yang

[Tools:] digiKam – Manage your photos

digiKamdigiKam is a digital photo management application for KDE. It provides a full image processing cycle – from acquiring and editing to collection organizing, browsing and exporting.