[LOL] I am a furniture tycoon

Today I’ve received a spam mail:

Dear Sir,

I’m glad to know that you deal with home furniture. We can offer you various style sofas in leater, fabric, PVC,PU etc. We have engaged in this field for more than 20 years in good reputation. We export our sofas to all over the world.

I have no doubts, they found me on SOFA (Simple Ontology Framework API) project web-site :)

There is a button, stupid

Long tweaking and hacking an open source software code can lead to a sort of very special menthal syndrome. This is a real life dialog in the kitchen:

Me: This microwave has very annoying, shrill beep. I hate it! I gonna break it and cut that damned beeper off.
My wife: Don’t be surprised but there is a button sequence which makes the owen silent.

Probably, I have to take a rest.

Osama’s favourite OS

I laughed like a crazy when I read this and this. I thought first it was a joke but it is the 100% serious incredible idiocy. Read this and have A GREAT FUN!

The ancient tags museum

Something curious happened: Sam Ruby made a blog post which broke all browser-based RSS aggregators (the source: Sam Destroys the Internets by Tim Bray). See here, here and here for examples of demolitions (only if they aren’t fixed yet).

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Ice-cream revolution

This is a wrapping of icecream I bought today :-)