My photos on Flickr

I own a free Flickr account since 2006 using it primarily for reposting selected pictures from my self-hosted photo gallery. Now, after major redesign, Flickr offers a free terabyte for everyone and  lots of other nice features, so I decided to migrate all my gallery content to this service:

The old gallery at will be kept in place for archive purposes. I don’t think that any new photos will be posted there.

MS and Yahoo!

Really sad news and sad perspective. It looks like we will live in a totally bi-polar Web soon.

I am not an active user of the core Y! services, but I’ve got a Flickr and Though they are important parts of my everyday online life, I definitely will have to go off if MS would be there. At least, that’s good that I’ve not purchased Flickr Pro account yet, so they will not get my hard-earned cents!

Who knows a good photohosting service with possibility of import all shots from Flickr?