Eclipse and PHP

I am not a hardcore PHP developer, but eventually I deal with writing, fixing or managing some PHP code. Recently I got in development of custom Drupal modules so PHP appears to be my primary language now.

I should say I am old fan of Eclipse IDE. It is my only IDE for Java development since 2.0 version (2001?) and also for Python some time ago. Because of my sporadic PHP experience before, I never had an idea of using Eclipse for PHP development but the time has come and I installed PHPeclipse plugin.

[Tips & Tricks:] Required text fields in Swing

This article starts a “Tips & Tricks” serie of “Chronicles” which is a result of my comeback to heavy coding. The posts in this serie are the bits of coding experience, a small inventions and solutions which every programmer does everyday. Read the latest Tips&Tricks in Technology::Coding category.

Swing dialogs by default have no idea about “required” text fields, that is the fields which should be filled to perform a task. In this article I suggest a simple way how to automatically highlight the fields which have to be non-empty.