That morning I was on the balcony checking some antenna cable. Suddenly, a flare of a very bright star on the south-east attracted my attention. The star moved from east to west and quickly grew in size. In few seconds, it had transformed to a fireball similar to the sun in size and brightness. That was a dim dawn twilight but for a couple of seconds everything had brightened like under the midday sunshine.

In another few seconds, the fireball shrank and went out somewhere on the south-west leaving a thick cloudy trace illuminated by the rising sun. Still under the impression of this thrilling show, I rushed downstairs to grab the camera and back to make this shot:

Meteor trace

After the shutter had been released, I heard the sound of a distant explosion and felt the vibration like of a slight earthquake.

Choosing an OS

There is April – the time of “to upgrade or not to upgrade” question for every Ubuntu user. For sure, the 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” release is going to be LTS (Long-Term Support) so perhaps, the answer in another time would be simple and obvious. But for me, things are much more complex now.

This article is mostly negative but I am rather confused than angry. Yes, I know that it makes no sense to bitch about open-source software: the only adequate response would always be “come in and make it better” and I am 100% agreed with that point. But the problem is much bigger than the bugs or missed features or even than controversial design decisions: the problem is an attitude which is much more difficult, if even possible to fix.

Wikipedia blackout

Just two things:

  1. Closing the resource is probably the worst idea one might have to express his/her vote for Internet freedom.
  2. Just owning a button to on or off the resource created by millions of people does not mean that the owner is granted a moral right to use that to achieve his/her particular goals.

And yes, SOPA/PIPA has to be stopped.

New camera

I finally joined the DSLR camp with Canon EOS 600D aka Rebel T3i.

Why Canon?

Well, I’d been a long-time user of PowerShot series and never had long thoughts about my next compact camera: so was with picking a SLR. I felt like improving my shooting experience but not to change it radically. I expected a comfortable learning curve and that the basic UI things were common among all Canon line-ups that would make my transition smoother.

Home IT

A dedicated server machine is what I definitely needed for my home IT infrastructure which has grown with years. Two desktops, a laptop and a home theatre system: they all needed to be connected to each other and to Internet. For long, it was my desktop box playing a role of the server in the home LAN, and it caused a lot of annoyances, of course.

The last year, an opportunity to bring myself to do it right is appeared, thanks to two things: First, I got new Core-i7 box as my  developer workstation, so my old good Pentium-4 came out of work. Second, a large roll door closet has been built in the hallway where I reserved a room for the server stuff.

Slashdot effect in action

A day in the blog’s life.

It’s not a 04-01-joke, it’s like the Slashdot effect looks. Someone mentioned my old article (“Anicent tags museum“) in a comment to the Slashdot post and it resulted in a traffic that Chronicles usually have during a whole month.

Another mail from Ubuntu


Thanks, Ubuntu!

Sourcecode posting on WordPress

Thanks to new WordPress feature, sourcecode quotes in the blog posts now looks awesome:

[sourcecode language=’java’]
* HelloWorld
public class HelloWorld {
public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println(“Hello world!”);

Open Source Kibitzer

SourceKibitzer portal, a benchmarking service for Open Source Java software projects, opened the large part of its source code and claimed to be “the first-ever User-Programmed Service”.

Ubuntu mail

This morning I’ve got a package:

Thanks, Ubuntu!