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SCAN FAQ updated

New version of SCAN Frequently Asked Questions page is available.

“How does SCAN help me?”, “Why should I use it?”, “Who are the users?”, “Why it is smart?”, “Can it replace a …?”, “What is autotagging?”, technical tips-n-tricks, development questions and a lot of other things you would want to know about Smart Content Aggregation & Navigation technology.


SCAN 1.2 released

Along with lots of minor bugfixes and performance tweaks, SCAN 1.2 introduces few essential improvements, mainly in search experience and plugins management…

(Read more on SCAN website)

Java AntiPatterns blog

jap.jpgI started another blog here on WordPress.com: Java AntiPatterns. It is created to be a “collection of bad practices” and short tips how to avoid them in everyday Java coding. The antipatterns are organized both by categories and by tags and some initial set is already on there. If I meet or remember another antipattern, I will post it to that blog.

I’m not thinking about it as of my personal stuff and welcome everyone to suggest new antipatterns and their solutions. if you want to post to that blog yourself, please contact me (you have to be a registered WordPress user).

SCAN Mail plugin

I’d like to announce that SCAN now is able to work with your email. The mail plugin released yesterday introduces new type of the locations for SCAN repository – mailbox locations.

SCAN 1.1 released

See what’s new in 1.1 version.

Tags beauty

The forthcoming SCAN 1.1 will be released together with a new plugin: TagClusters Panel. TagClusters is a a user interface extension (like Dates Panel) for taxonomy visualization.

DOAP, FOAF and SourceKibitzer

I contributed some code to generate DOAP/FOAF metadata from SourceKibitzer‘s project and user profiles. My add-ons have been deployed recently, so SK is one of the largest (600+ projects) DOAP repositories now.

SCAN project announce

SCANViceVersa Technologies presents the first public release of SCAN (Smart Content Aggregation and Navigation) platform. SCAN is a personal Information Retrieval framework, combining search, text analysis, tagging and metadata functions to provide new user experience of desktop navigation and document management.


I’ve registered new project on SourceForge. Jacinth is an embeddable WYSIWYG HTML editor for Java/Swing, perhaps well-known for Memoranda users. It has been developed as a part of Memoranda and now it is available as a separate library. Actually, this is the first step in Big Memoranda Refactoring process (aka Memoranda 2.0).