My photos on Flickr

I own a free Flickr account since 2006 using it primarily for reposting selected pictures from my self-hosted photo gallery. Now, after major redesign, Flickr offers a free terabyte for everyone and  lots of other nice features, so I decided to migrate all my gallery content to this service:

The old gallery at will be kept in place for archive purposes. I don’t think that any new photos will be posted there.

MS and Yahoo!

Really sad news and sad perspective. It looks like we will live in a totally bi-polar Web soon.

I am not an active user of the core Y! services, but I’ve got a Flickr and Though they are important parts of my everyday online life, I definitely will have to go off if MS would be there. At least, that’s good that I’ve not purchased Flickr Pro account yet, so they will not get my hard-earned cents!

Who knows a good photohosting service with possibility of import all shots from Flickr?

[LOL] I am a furniture tycoon

Today I’ve received a spam mail:

Dear Sir,

I’m glad to know that you deal with home furniture. We can offer you various style sofas in leater, fabric, PVC,PU etc. We have engaged in this field for more than 20 years in good reputation. We export our sofas to all over the world.

I have no doubts, they found me on SOFA (Simple Ontology Framework API) project web-site :)

There is a button, stupid

Long tweaking and hacking an open source software code can lead to a sort of very special menthal syndrome. This is a real life dialog in the kitchen:

Me: This microwave has very annoying, shrill beep. I hate it! I gonna break it and cut that damned beeper off.
My wife: Don’t be surprised but there is a button sequence which makes the owen silent.

Probably, I have to take a rest.

Networking under bombings

He is a guy I owe for my fast and cheap satellite internet connection at home. He is a programmer from Ukraine who develops and supports Globax – a great free band-saving tunnel solution for sat-internet and also took part in development of DVB drivers for Linux.

Now he is a network administrator in Lebanon. He refused to leave it after Israel’s attack and now his daily job is to revive permanently destroyed communications to provide internet under bombings in the distressed country.

Viva Italia!

The football month is over – Italy are the champions!

Somebody says that winning the shoot-out is a matter of chance. I agree – and I always imagined France as a team of good luck and fortune, rather than of technique and other rationalistic stuff. And this unexplainable power was focused through one known man. I was sure that magic should repeat again and France must win until that shameful incident. After it, I clearly got that they had no chances anymore.

Am I kinda mystical? I think, not more than the people who believes that Italian victory was not “real” because “there was a roulette”.


Germany:0, Italy:2

WM-2006I was a fan of German team. Yeah, it was easy for anyone who was there in June and infected by that crazy atmosphere of black-red’n’gold fun. But not only – I enjoyed by German football – very modern, intelligent, stylish and gracious. And after all, it is always a great show – the real football of XXI century.

[Graphics:] Wine poster

[Graphics:] Yin & Yang

Osama’s favourite OS

I laughed like a crazy when I read this and this. I thought first it was a joke but it is the 100% serious incredible idiocy. Read this and have A GREAT FUN!