Semantic Web disillusion

If you are a SW addict like I am myself, consider to read this article. It’s very mind-sobering. The last year or two we all had uneasy feeling that something was going wrong but nobody ever dared to analyze and understand what and why. The author of this article did.

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Raytracing Middle-earth


Recently I played with raytracing and POV-Ray for artificial landscapes generation. My goal was to have the realistic “Google Maps-style” images of the Middle-earth terrains to create the maps for Tolkien Gateway Encyclopedia – the wiki project I’m involved in. You can see my first outcome here. This is a reduced snapshot of rendering the whole scene.

Filesystem is evil

Do we need a better way to store and organize our data or we are doomed to stick with old unefficient tools?

The ancient tags museum

Something curious happened: Sam Ruby made a blog post which broke all browser-based RSS aggregators (the source: Sam Destroys the Internets by Tim Bray). See here, here and here for examples of demolitions (only if they aren’t fixed yet).

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Open Source Best Practices: Part II (Technology)

How to get a succesful open source project:
The beginners guide.

Open Source Best Practices: Part I (Community)

How to get a succesful open source project:
The beginners guide.

About Memoranda: Part II

About Memoranda: Part I

Memoranda is an open-source and cross-platform (Java) software for personal projects scheduling and diary management. I have started it as an opensource project on SourceForge in 2003 and it grows out of jNotes software developed in 2002.