Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie

I read the K&R book when I was a kid and it was likely the most influencing reading I ever had on programming. At least, there were two stunning truths which, as I think, determined my life and profession:

People-Concepts Networking

Today at University of Nottingham, we deployed an alpha of the People-Concept Networking platform prototype. It’s the alpha, so it doesn’t do a lot as yet and is released only for internal overview and testing of the basic infrastructure. It is however, an occasion to disclose what I am working at now, along with an introduction to some PCN theory.

More automation

I’m thinking about new feature for SCAN — some conditional actions to be executed individually or in a batch on selected documents. It would be useful for automation of metadata setting, or for defining custom autotagging rules.

Tagging “The Lord of the Rings”

There are results of experiment with using SCAN for text analysis and autotagging J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” book.

URL’s in Java: Another pitfall

If ClassLoader Delegation, though esoteric and counterintuitive, is an example of some design, there are some things in Java that are confusing and just poorly designed at once.

Custom ClassLoaders: The Black Art of Java

Java is great platform for component development but there are some odd and counterintuitive things on the way. One of these hidden pitfalls waiting for a developer who is going to replace default system ClassLoader with a custom one.

What do the tags mean from IR perspective?

I’m trying to define the popular concept of “tags” in terms of the Information Retrieval and to find an appropriate algorithmic strategy for to automate the processes of choosing the tags for text documents.

Survey: How do you find your documents?

For my ongoing research, it would be helpful to gather some feedback from random people on their personal document management, navigation and information seeking preferences. Please send your answers to alexeya (at) gmail (dot) com or just attach a comment below. Thanks in advance!

Getting new mail onto the desktop

I had nice last weekend gathering new harvest of apples, drinking fresh apple juice and playing with SuperKaramba widgets – a good opportunity to take a sort of “recreational programming”. Perhaps all modern KDE users know those nice resource eaters eye-candies which are living right on the desktop surface and displaying the clocks, calendars, weather forecasts, system monitors and so on.

Instead of developing some Yet Another Big Animated Clock, I decided to write something practical. What I’d like to have is a widget which would ask my e-mail client (KMail) for the headers of the latest unread messages to show them on the desktop.

All you need is Drupal

It’s commonly called “CMS” but as deeper you’re digging into it, it’s getting clear that it is something greater than the “Content Management System”. Or perhaps, that the “Content Management” is something greater than we used to think. Actually, Drupal’s darned flexibility allows to do a lot of things which would need the application servers and all that stuff. And in the simplest case, it will need no programming – you can build for instance, a simple database application (like a products directory etc) or even a light CRM/ERP for your intranet as just a specialized Drupal configuration.