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Aleksei Alishevskikh
Алексей Алишевских

I am a software developer specializing in technologies of semantic search, text analysis and metadata processing.

I am currently working at Vound: a company that develops Intella – an integrated search and information exploration software for digital forensics.

My prior employment history includes the University of Nottingham, Aduna and OpenMechanics. Between 2003 and 2012, I was combining my jobs with consultancy in ViceVersa Consulting/ViceVersa Technologies, where I was a co-founder. Please check my LinkedIn profile for details of my professional background.

I’ve also been a founding developer and maintainer of several open-source/free software projects. All public pieces of software where one can meet my code are listed on my Projects page.

My professional interests include Information Retrieval and semantic data processing techniques and applications, data visualization, personal information management and productivity. I also dabble with sideline interests in cognitive science, linguistics and semiology.

Apart from software engineering, I love taking photos, designing web-sites and hacking on Linux systems.

I am a resident of Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Contact me is using this Feedback page or by writing to alexeya at gmail.