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OnePlus One

OnePlus One

No, I didn’t have an invite and got mine from AliExpress: 64GB version in December 2014 cost me $430, that meant $80 over the official price tag. Even with that, I think it was a very good deal.

The phone is being heavily used for a couple of months now and I think I can add my voice to praises the phone received in the media (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

Size and ergonomics

Well, it’s big but not to such an extent that it becomes a problem. One still can operate it with one thumb (not without limitations, though) and it fits into a normal jeans pocket. It also rather thin and light, so basically there are no issues with carrying it around.

Keep in mind also that this is the opinion of the owner of Xperia Mini Pro: possibly one of the smallest Android devices ever. The people already accustomed to big phones won’t notice any problem with those 5.5 inches at all.

The charcoal-textured back really makes it a pleasure to hold or simply to touch. I ordered a plastic back case with the phone but didn’t like it (not to mention that it also makes the phone thick and bulky).


I believe that design of O+1 is rather a pure ideological manifesto than anything else. This is a proclamation that the words “original Chinese design” might appear together without sarcastic context and an example what they would possibly mean in the next few years. And the example is great: everything is slick and polished with emphasized attention to the smallest details: from the charger and USB cable to the packaging.


I didn’t do any benchmarks but subjectively, this is the fastest Android device I ever held in my hand. It’s enough to say that my ASUS Transformer Pad tablet was turned surprisingly slow under my fingers now.


Very bright and crisp, with accurate and vivid colors. Brightness auto-mode was a permanent problem in all Android devices I’ve seen before: O+1 is the first one where it works well.


Just to say: 3100 mAh is enough. And it becomes a lot if to cut all the major power eaters off.

No like

If you are going to order One from Chinese retailers, chances are that you may get your phone “internationalized” from a domestic market version by installing CyanogenMod over Chinese ColorOS ROM. As a result, CyanogenMod fails to update due to a checksum error. So the first thing I suggest to do for a new phone is factory reset and clean install of original CyanogenMod release for OnePlus One.


Not terribly bad but not impressive. With f/2.0 aperture and 13MP sensor we might expect something better, I believe. However it still ok for on-the-run captures and photo notes – that’s what phone cameras are for, after all.

Cyanogenmod Account

Probably a useful thing for locating/blocking/wiping the phone remotely if it is lost or stolen. It, however eats the battery like a hog so I disabled it.

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