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SCAN-1.4 preview

As there is growing demand for SCAN update, I have published the preview (“beta”) of 1.4 release which is expected on SourceForge within few weeks.

Download SCAN-Desktop 1.4-beta (Windows installer)

Note that 1.4 package includes MS-Office, OpenOffice and PDF document plugins by default (no need to install them separately) to provide an out-of-the-box solution for the most of users.

1.4 version is strongly focused on stability, performance and usability improvement. Major updates since SCAN 1.3 are:

  • Numerous performance and stability tweaks and bugfixes (including a critical bug with crash on very deep folder structures and threading issues).
  • Updated version of Lucene search engine (2.9.4) featuring improved speed and stability of indexing and searching. Also, other third-party libraries were updated to their latest versions where available.
  • On Windows, the native look-and-feel is used to make the user interface looking and behaving like a typical Windows application.
  • The main window is minimized to a system tray icon (useful if you want to keep SCAN running in the background to monitor updates in your sources).
  • Tag management features (renaming, splitting and merging of the tags).
  • Support of new document languages (fi, hu, ro, tr) and improved language auto-identification.
  • New MS-Office document plug-in with (long-expected!) support of OOXML format (Office 2007 and later).

Please note:

  • Compatibility with old Java versions (1.5.x) is no longer supported. Please make sure you have Java 1.6.x installed.
  • There may be a bug that the preinstalled document plugins are displayed as upgradable in the Plugins manager window. Do not try to update them: otherwise, they will be replaced by older versions from the web-site.
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