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Cyberborean Chronicles 2.0

Well my dear readers, Cyberborean Chronicles is moved to standalone hosting here at The old version at is still available for historical purposes and all archives (posts and comments) are imported into new version. Comments in old version are turned off; please submit your comments here.

RSS of Cyberborean Chronicles now is


Main taxonomy of the content (tags) is preserved, but the structure of categories is completely redesigned. In 1.0 version, categories were used to identify topics and thus duplicated the tags in many cases. In fact, there were two independent systems of topics classification.

In new version, topics are identified only by tags (java, linux, coding etc) while “categories” are used to classify  posts by their type, format or purpose (Announcements, Essays, Howtos etc). Thus, there are two  clearly distincted taxonomies: topics and types.

Reading a post, you may notice “See also” menu in the sidebar. It contains the posts similar to the current one – those you might want to read if you are interested in that topic. This magic is a courtesy of Similar Posts WordPress plugin.


I also launched a standalone photo gallery and moved all pics from my Flickr account to there. Now the gallery is another part of Cyberborean Chronicles: The pics are organized with their own system of tags.

I’m not going to post gallery updates in the blog (former Photos category) anymore, except for the shots I have to tell something special about. You can see gallery updates (the latest pics) at the widget on the right sidebar. You also can subscribe to the updates feed:


WordPress just rocks as usual and gears everything on this site with a help of the following plugins (alphabetically):

The photogallery is powered by Gallery2 software. To photos from Flickr are imported with Gallery2Flickr plugin (hacked to fix the dates of the imported pics).

Please note that everything is still a beta, so any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Milan · November 6, 2008 at 4:39 am · Reply

    Oooo! This is a point mentioned. I like when everything in place while it is understandable to mere mortals.

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