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More automation

I’m thinking about new feature for SCAN โ€” some conditional actions to be executed individually or in a batch on selected documents. It would be useful for automation of metadata setting, or for defining custom autotagging rules.

An idea is borrowed from e-mail clients, where the similar feature exists for decades as the user-defined filters for processing the messages. This is how it looks in KMail:


In general, a filter checks if a document matches to specific criteria (a rule) and does some action if yes. For instance, if a condition “text contains ‘viagra’ or ‘cialis'” is true, then some action (“move to spam” or “send assassins to the author”) would be executed. What is especially good is that it’s old, popular and intuitive user experience.

In a content aggregator like SCAN, this concept may allow a user to define custom automation rules to set document metadata properties. For instance,

IF (url starts with "") SET author = "me"

Another using I have in my mind is to empower an “artificial intelligence” of autotagging with a human intelligence, by user-defined tagging rules:

IF (text contains "latte") ADD TAG "coffee"

I only doubt about terminology โ€” “filter” might be confusing, as it is already used in SCAN vocabulary (URI filters to include/exclude some documents by their URI pattern). Any ideas?

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