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Another mail from Ubuntu


Thanks, Ubuntu!

I told I was not going to upgrade to Gutsy so far. Now I’m thinking that perhaps, I will need to do so because an important thing is going to happen soon – KDE 4 has been announced to be finally released in January, 2008. I am not sure it will be available through the Feisty repo’s.

Regarding the Gutsy received: It’s nice to see that you’ve got what you’ve ordered. Before, I’ve received Ubuntu (without “K”) disks instead of Kubuntu (with “K”) I needed. Also, it was delivered really quickly – about two weeks (yeah, quickly for my geographical location, of course). I was waiting for Feisty a month or so.

But hmm… they forgot the stickers! My Kubuntu (with “K”) box is still decorated with Ubuntu (without “K”) sticker :-)

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