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The forthcoming SCAN 1.1 will be released together with a new plugin: TagClusters Panel. TagClusters is a a user interface extension (like Dates Panel) for taxonomy visualization.


TagClusters visualize the selected tags as overlapping clusters of documents. With that cluster map, it is easy to see how the tags relate each other via the documents they have in common. The plugin uses Tags Grouping – new core SCAN feature for finding the groups of interrelated tags. In TagClusters, this feature is used for automatic expanding a selected tag to a group of its semantic neighbors. By clicking a single tag, a user would see a map visualizing this tag plus all related tags, so that the whole taxonomy can be explored just with few mouse clicks.

These colorful amoebae are drawn by Aduna Cluster Map library. It’s just an eye-candy – it’s going to be a sexiest SCAN panel, I think.

What’s also new in 1.1? Well, hm, a plugin for scanning accounts, for instance. It’s coming soon – be on the watch for announcements RSS !

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