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Open Source Kibitzer

SourceKibitzer portal, a benchmarking service for Open Source Java software projects, opened the large part of its source code and claimed to be “the first-ever User-Programmed Service”.

This decision seems to be related with recent turn of portal orientation towards a community-oriented service. As SourceKibitzer’s CEO Mark Koffman told me, “we are moving from software towards the people behind it”. Recently, the portal has launched new features to support this direction, namely online resume for Open Source community members (Bio) and series of interviews with OSS developers.

I think, it has good chances to grow into a real social network for the FOSS folk.

At the moment, the portal code is published under GPL v3 Draft. An exception is the proprietary libraries implementing the benchmarking algos, which are know-how of the company running SourceKibitzer. The portal invites everyone to join the development by subscribing the mailing list , participation in TRAC Wiki and contributing the code into SVN repository. The portal technology is based on Java Spring framework.

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