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How to make a shortcut for Memoranda in KDE

Because of its crossplatform nature (“run anywhere”), Memoranda has no default “installer” to be embedded into user’s desktop environment automatically. But it is pretty easy to integrate it into that environment. Let’s see how to do that in KDE case.

We assuming Memoranda is already installed on your Linux system (that is, ZIP archive is unpacked) into, say, “/opt/memoranda” directory. To be sure that the executables have proper permissions, run:

chmod 755 /opt/memoranda/
chmod 755 /opt/memoranda/lib/kde/systray4jd

Creating a desktop shortcut

  1. Right-click anywhere on your desktop, select “Create New->Link to application…” and enter “Memoranda”.
  2. Go to “Application” tab and enter into the fields
    Command: /opt/memoranda/
    Work path: /opt/memoranda
  3. Go back to “General” tab and click the icon. In the icon dialog box select “Other icons”, “Browse” and point it to ‘/opt/memoranda/lib/icons/memoranda48x48.png’
  4. Press “Ok”

To put new shortcut into KDE panel also, simply drag-n-drop it from the desktop.

Creating a menu item

  1. Right click the desktop shortcut created before and select “Copy”
  2. Open Konqueror and navigate to “/home/you/.kde/share/applnk” directory. Tip: if Konqueror does not display “.kde” directory, select “Show hidden files” in its “View” menu.
  3. Create new subdirectory (say, “Utilites”, “Office” or “PIM”) or go into an existing one. These subdirectories are the sections of your K menu. Right click anywhere in this directory and select “Paste file”.


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