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SourceKibitzer team let me know that my OSS projects (Memoranda and Jacinth) had been analyzed by their web tool and the reports are available.

What is SourceKibitzer

SourceKibitzer is an online service for automated (so, unbiased) assessment, analysis and benchmarking of Java source code. For the moment, over 500 open source Java projects are analyzed (including, e.g. the whole Jakarta pool) and Kibitzers plan to “Measure all available Open Source projects written in Java”. SourceKibitzer works directly with CVS and SVN repositories to monitor the code development, so the reports are always in actual state.

SourceKibitzer methodology contains a number of various metrics and many of them are really useful and interesting.

Progress analysis
It is similar to Sourceforge “project activity” info, but on more detailed level. Kibitzer’s report contains progress information for each compilation unit (a package or even a single source file) – how many statements, methods and comments were changed during the last week.

Size analysis
Gives the total numbers of lines, statements, methods and comments in each package and source file.

Complexity analysis
It evaluates code complexity by measuring different metrics: the number of instaniations of classes (“Data Abstraction Coupling”), the number of classes given source file relies on (“Fan Out Complexity”), the number of possible execution paths through the methods (“NPath Complexity”), McCabe’s cyclomatic complexity of the methods and boolean expressions complexity.

Completeness analysis
It is based on assumption that number of conventional “todo labels” in the comments (“TODO”, “FIXME”, “XXX” etc) and total comments density mean the level of project’s maturity.

Kibitzer’s team say they are working on improving the methodology and plan to implement more metrics measurements in the future. You can submit your own Java project to kibitz it.

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