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One year of blogging

Well, Cyberborean Chronicles got one year old today. A good occasion to look back, summarize my blogging experience and get some conclusions on it and on the whole blogosphere.


77 posts (yeah, I’m a quite lazy blogger) in 32 categories (but I like order and structures!) visited 2,879 times. has no ability of installing Google Analytics or such, but I did some basic monitoring with free StatCounter to see from where are the visitors and which browser/os they use.

The top countries in a list are US, UK, Germany and Russia. 47% of visitors browse with Firefox (of various versions), 31% use MSIE, and 11% was identified as unknown “Mozilla 5.0”. Other browsers (Konq, Safari and Opera) are below 5%. So, Fox rocks and beats MS browser down, at least on my site (even if 11% of “mozilla” were MSIE’s actually).

Systems. 52% of visitors are on Windows, 35% on Linux and 5% use MacOSX. There are 8% of “unknown” OS (have no idea what is it).

What people read

Statistics on specific posts is a good way to know what people looking for when visiting other’s blogs. Unsurprisingly, motivation in whole is mostly the same as my own, when I’m surfing the blogosphere.

People want to solve their own problems. There are a lot of people who came to me via the search requests like “how to bla-bla-bla”. So, my “practical” articles like, e.g. this, this and this enjoy the stable popularity. My software reviews are also among them.

People are interesting for personal opinions. This is why the blogs are the great things – there are real alive people behind them, who are not restricted by corporate, political etc. rules and can freely explain their own thoughts and opinions. Even if a blogger is wrong and subjective, there are a lot of people who will read his opinion on a subject just because this is a living voice in an ocean of a carefully filtrated, neutral and politically correct official information.

I think this is why my old post on my position in Kowari row is number 1 in the top hot hits list. And it is still popular, though almost an year is passed after that incident.

For open source software users the developers blogs are the additional support channels. My Memoranda posts have a stable and considerable audience and I suppose they are the users who want to see how the project is going on from developers point of view.

I plan to launch a Memoranda community blog in the new year, so I and everyone would have a specialized place to write about the software and discuss it.


I’ve got mixed feelings on my year of blogging. I still believe that Chronicles is a right thing and I am neither disappointed nor bored of it. On the other hand, I regret that I missed so many chances to write because of my business or laziness.

So, what is in my blogging agenda in 2007? First is to keep promoting open source software as much as possible. Second is to be on the bleeding edge of new exciting things in our fantastic times. Third is to be a bit more active blogger than I was in 2006. And fourth, fifth and so on is to keep having fun and let my readers to have fun too.

Thank you all, my dear readers.

Merry Christmas!

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