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[Tools:] BasKet – A persistent clipboard

BasKet is one of those small productivity tools which does a lot for improving our life’s quality. Everyday we deal with tons of small data items – text quotes and notes, web links, passwords, mail addresses, phone numbers etc. Generally, these units of a user microcosm are too small and too numerous to be stored as files and should be easily findable and quickly accessible. BasKet is a KDE software which is intended to manage this kind of data.


BasKet acts as a persistent clipboard manager for various data types (plain text, rich text, images, links, files and application shortcuts). You can create few containers (baskets) inside it to organize your data items as you wish. You can copy (or drag-n-drop) the items into the baskets from applications and paste them back from the baskets. In my case, I set the global keyboard shortcuts “Win+C” for to copy a selected item to a current basket and “Win+V” to paste the latest copied item (from the top of a current basket’s stack) into the current selection (like conventional Crtl+C/Ctrl+V for default system clipboard).

Moreover, BasKet can track all your operations with system clipboard and store the whole clipboard history in special “Clipboard manager” basket, if you would create it. Though, I found this feature not very useful – I don’t want to store all data passing through my clipboard for ages and bother to clear the overblowed stack. So, I used to press Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V when I want to use the default system clipboard and Win+C/Win+V for important things which I’d like to save for the future.

What is good

  • Convenient storage for small important data items – quick as the system clipboard but persistent and structured.
  • Is not limited by text data types. The specific types of items are opened with appropriate programs (for instance, double-clicking the email address opens new message window).
  • Inline editing the basket items
  • Along with copying existing data from applications, it is possible to create new items and fill them in place – this feature is very useful for taking the text notes.
  • Quick search the items
  • Special basket type for mirroring the files in selected folders.
  • Global shortcuts support
  • Transparent and inobtrusive – no saving/loading operations, lives in the system tray, accessible by one click and hides automatically when inactive.

What is bad

  • There is a bug with Firefox – when a piece of text is copied from a web-page to the basket, a link is inserted instead of the text.
  • Every time when items are deleted from the basket, the annoying “are-u-sure?” dialog is appeared. At least, it should contain a checkbox to not asking me anymore, I believe.
  • Occasional crashes by unknown reasons.

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