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Networking under bombings

He is a guy I owe for my fast and cheap satellite internet connection at home. He is a programmer from Ukraine who develops and supports Globax – a great free band-saving tunnel solution for sat-internet and also took part in development of DVB drivers for Linux.

Now he is a network administrator in Lebanon. He refused to leave it after Israel’s attack and now his daily job is to revive permanently destroyed communications to provide internet under bombings in the distressed country.

I decided not to leave the country and to hold on there as long as possible. When I told my friends and colleagues I was about to evacuate, I was just frightened to see despair in their eyes. They have been forsaken by all parties. Hizbollah has their own goals. The government, like our “orange” one, is clueless and they are only beating one another. The world community worries only on their own hassles, pipes, belongings and doesn’t care about dying civilians…
I knew also I’m responsible for to provide internet for more than 20000 families. My assistants have been blocked in the regions of massive bombings and unable to do anything because of electricity and communication breaks. They relies on me and they have helped me when I was in trouble myself…
I’m really feared but I cannot forsake them. I fear of that wicked hostile bombards with a chemical weapon which is hardly avoided. I fear that after the humanitarian crisis the country will be a crowd of criminals and a hotbed of epidemies. And after all, there are my wife and 2 y.o. daughter in Ukraine…

(my translation, the original post is here)

God bless you, Denis.

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  1. Israel Supporter · August 28, 2006 at 5:27 am · Reply

    He is an idiot.

  2. Alex · August 28, 2006 at 9:09 am · Reply

    I don’t think everyone who helps the people in trouble are the idiots.

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