Cyberborean Chronicles


Germany:0, Italy:2

WM-2006I was a fan of German team. Yeah, it was easy for anyone who was there in June and infected by that crazy atmosphere of black-red’n’gold fun. But not only – I enjoyed by German football – very modern, intelligent, stylish and gracious. And after all, it is always a great show – the real football of XXI century.

The yesterday game was maybe the most interesting and dramatic show of this Mondial. Italians are the powerful team and it looked like a battle of peers but my sympathy was on German side. At the last minutes, after two hours of the struggle Italians seemed for me to be a little bit tired while Germans still were in good form and they never lost in shoot-outs, you know, but… Bah – one! Bah – two! Two goals during just two last minutes! It was really shocking and unbelievable.

Danke, Deutchland. Viva Italia!

Portugal:0, France:1

Before this game I had no idea who was my favourite. I knew Portugal was great but I knew also France as a team of magical surprises which seems to be laid in the right sock of Zizu the Wizard. I still remember 1998 and my pack of beer which I lost as Brasil lost the World Cup, so I esteemed Portugal but would not bet on them anyway especially after France became the “killers of Brasil” again and reassured their status of magicians.

But in this game they managed without any magic and Zizu hasn’t had to dive into his sock. Frankly, Portugal played bad. Simply bad. It was not an easy victory for France, but it was undoubtlessly well-earned.

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