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Memoranda 1.0-RC3 released

By many reasons, we had no new Memoranda releases for really long time. But meanwhile, there were some notable improvements towards 1.0 Final release so today I released the 1.0 Release Candidate 3 version. It can be downloaded from here. It is a full distribution, that is it includes sourcecode, all dependency libraries and the prebuilt JAR (build 20060703.15). This release is tagged in CVS repository as v1_0_RC3.

Major updates

The most important feature which was introduced is the competed mechanism of “hierarchical tasks”. Before, the projects had only a flat list of “todo” tasks but now it is possible to create tree-like task structures where every task can be extended and detalized by any number of subtasks:

Hierarchical tasks structure in Memoranda 1.0-RC3

The mechanism and data model of hierarchical tasks was implemented by Ryan Ho with assistance of Michael Bernadsky but it had no user interface for a long time. The user interface (new tasks editor) has been developed by Jyrki Velhonoja and me using a wonderful Swing hack called TreeTable – a combination of JTree and JTable JFC/Swing components.

Note that new task mechanism is backward-compatible – that is your existing (flat) to-do lists should be seamlessly integrated into new hierarchical data model. They simply will be interpreted as one-level task sets and you can extend them with subtasks as you wish.

Another innovation is the improved notes editor with customizable fonts for paragraphs, headers and monospaced text (see new “Editor” tab in “Preferences” dialog). Also there is an option to antialias the text of notes.

The sourcecode got some refactoring. I moved the code of WYSIWYG HTML editor into the main Memoranda codebase to avoid version conflicts (before it was a separate “htmleditor” CVS module and JAR-file). So, you should not check out this module anymore – it is obsoleted. I plan to start new separate project for the editor, because it can be used in many applications, not only in Memoranda.

What’s next?

The final release – I believe. During two years we added a lot of new features and fixed the most of the bugs. It is more than enough for the First Final. We also need the user’s documentation – I have a draft of it but it is seriously outdated – it reflexed some ancient beta-version and it needs to be synchronised with the current state of Memoranda.

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