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Wine and Photoshop

It was a challenge – I got a bunch of the web-design sketches created in Photoshop. What I had to do with them under Linux? Yes, GIMP works with PSD format, but it does so… say, not very well. I’m too lazy to go and run a Windoze box to convert them to another format, and furthermore, I needed to keep layers and other Photoshop-specific stuff.

Why not to try to run Photoshop under Wine? – I thought. I should say, I never had used Wine technology before. I had some biases against it and for years of using open source I missed no Windows apps. But it seemed it was just the case.

The biggest of my biases against Wine was it should be a huge and very complex thing – it looked like I had to move perhaps a half of the whole Windows to my box and setup it for weeks to get it working. I was absolutely wrong! Installing Wine on my Fedora IV is turned out to be simple as installing a single RPM package and needed no configuring. Then I mounted Photoshop 7.0 CD, run “wine Setup.exe” and voila! – I got Photoshop installed on my Linux system.


I didn’t test it alot but so far it seems to work pretty well. It’s fast enough (my another bias on Wine was that it should be painfully slow) and all Photoshop functions are workable. I can create, open, edit and save PSD files without any problem, can work with layers, effects, text and so on. It correctly recognized all TTF fonts installed in X and my default CUPS printer. So far, I only noticed some minor visual glitches with “palettes” (maybe because they utilize a non-standard API) and that it doesn’t work with KDE clipboard (though, it was predictable).

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