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People don’t know who are the programmers

I think I am only partly a programmer (I have a lot of other interests) but when I getting acquainted with “non-computer” people I usually introduce myself as a “programmer” – just for simplicity. Everybody realized who the “programmers” are but often their imagination is a bit strange. Here is a typical talking:

– You’re a programmer, aren’t you?
– Yes, I am.
– Wow! Hear, I got troubles with Windows there…
– I don’t know Windows.
– ???

(As a variant there might be a question how to fix his computer hardware)

The talker is frustrated – he thinks I’m lying because I don’t want to help him. In the best case he concludes: “Ok, he is bad programmer” and stop further talking. In the worst case he is getting curious why I don’t know Windows and there starts a quite idiotic talk where I’m trying to tell about my work with terms understandable for “non-computer” people. I hate it.

Another idiotic talk:

– Maybe you’re a hacker? :-) (sounds like a joke)
– Hmm.. A kind of. (I just forget what the word “hacker” means for the people who learned about it from the mass-media)
My collocutor looking at me as at alien.
– And you really can crack a bank?!

So, in mass vision the programmers are the people who

  • has a comprehensive knowledge of Windows
  • can fix any computer defect
  • the most skilful of them are “the hackers” and they can crack the banks

And a very minority remembers that “a programmer” comes from “to program”…

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  1. Michel Rouzic · April 1, 2008 at 4:55 pm · Reply

    Just go “You don’t really know what a programmer does do you?” and if he has the nerve to pretend he does, do insist to get all the details.

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