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My blog in IE

Yesterday I tested and reviewed some piece of software and it was Windows-only, alas. So I had to go and run a windows box. With fresh impressions of that software I durst to post the review right there and also to see how my blog looks in IE.

I knew MSIE is a buggy browser but I thought it is not so bad if so many people can live with it. But now I convinced it is really very bad.

I’ll skip the case when it smashes the whole page with preformatted text block (“A SOL Example”). I agree, the block is too wide for the text column in the template. Nevertheless, it is not a problem for Firefox.

But why it switches the fonts few times into the same paragraph? Just have a look:


What the hell? Maybe there is a funny markup that WordPress engine inserts there and it makes IE crazy? No – I looked at source HTML and there are no any markup between those chunks of text. This is solely a MSIE 6.0 rendering bug.

Dear Microsoft corp.! I’ve heard you are about to release the 7.0 version of your web-browser. You give away the browser for free and have no profit from it, so why you spend so much of money to its development? I’d like to give you a free advice – go and grab the Gecko sourcecode. You would save a lot of your money and make your browser much better.

Dear IE users! There is a picture:


Look at it for 10 minutes everyday and your karma will be substantially improved.

Happy browsing!

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