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About Memoranda: Part II

The first part is here.


I began to think about changing jNotes name as far back as I started to work at Version 2. It seemed to be basically new product, rather than just new version of jNotes. Another reason was annoying confusion with another software called JNotes – some Java stuff related with Lotus Notes. So, I posted my thoughts to the mailing list and asked people to suggest new names.

Ten variants of new name were proposed:

  • InteliNotes
  • Notestopia
  • Memoranda
  • LineUp
  • Jot
  • NoteSoup
  • MyNotes
  • NoteBurn
  • Jilofax
  • Chronicles (my variant)
  • … oh no, “jNotes” forever! (another my variant)

As a result of voting, the “Memoranda” name invented by Iván Ribas was selected. I very liked that name and voted for it too. At the end of September 2003 we registered new project on SourceForge, moved the codebase and made new release under new name. New web-site had been launched at the same time. The old site was remained as a home of jNotes 1.0 (currently inactive).

Since then, among increasing stability, the software got a lot of new features. The most important ones are:

  • Summary page (“Agenda”)
    A “today startup page” which summarize information of active tasks of all projects and upcoming events of this day.
  • Hierarchical tasks
    Now the tasks of a project have hierarchical structure, so that every task may contain sub-tasks.
  • Multiple notes per day
    until recently, a single calendar date was associated with a single note. Now it is possible to have few notes associated with the same date.
  • 14 national localizations
    Now Memoranda speaks Catalan, Chinese, Chinese (Taiwan), Dutch (Belgium), Dutch (Netherlands), Finnish, France, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japan, Russian, Serbian and Spain. The language of GUI is selected automatically depending on user’s system locale settings.

The current status of Memoranda is 1.0 Release Candidate 2. The next release (I hope) will be final.


Memoranda 1.0-RC2 screenshot

Who did it

Many people in different time took part in Memoranda development. Above all, these are code commiters:

  • Patrick Bielen (pbielen)
  • Ryan Ho (rawsushi)
  • Yunjie Liu (noregister)
  • Iván Ribas (ivanrise)
  • Carel-J Rischmuller (carel-j)
  • Jeremy Whitlock (jcscoobyrs)
  • Jyrki Velhonoja (velhonoja)

And those who were not the developers, though they did the great help for the project:

  • Thomas Chuffart
  • Willy Dobe
  • David Nagy
  • Kenneth J. Pouncey
  • Sava Rados
  • Michael Radtke
  • Milena Vitali-Charewicz
  • Toru Watanabe
  • … and everyone I may have forgotten, sorry.

(all people listed alphabetically by their second names)

I don’t say thanks because this is our software, not my own ;-)

Memoranda 2.0 ?

My thoughts on Memoranda future are coming soon, so the saga continues…

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