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Photos: Venice


See the entire Venezia photoset on Flickr.

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OnePlus One

OnePlus One

No, I didn’t have an invite and got mine from AliExpress: 64GB version in December 2014 cost me $430, that meant $80 over the official price tag. Even with that, I think it was a very good deal.

The phone is being heavily used for a couple of months now and I think I can add my voice to praises the phone received in the media (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

Photos: Urals, January 2015

Malinovaya mnt.

Photoset from winter backpacking trip in Soutern Urals, January of 2015. The shots are actually color; it is the scenery which was basically b/w.

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My photos on Flickr

I own a free Flickr account since 2006 using it primarily for reposting selected pictures from my self-hosted photo gallery. Now, after major redesign, Flickr offers a free terabyte for everyone and  lots of other nice features, so I decided to migrate all my gallery content to this service:

The old gallery at will be kept in place for archive purposes. I don’t think that any new photos will be posted there.


That morning I was on the balcony checking some antenna cable. Suddenly, a flare of a very bright star on the south-east attracted my attention. The star moved from east to west and quickly grew in size. In few seconds, it had transformed to a fireball similar to the sun in size and brightness. That was a dim dawn twilight but for a couple of seconds everything had brightened like under the midday sunshine.

In another few seconds, the fireball shrank and went out somewhere on the south-west leaving a thick cloudy trace illuminated by the rising sun. Still under the impression of this thrilling show, I rushed downstairs to grab the camera and back to make this shot:

Meteor trace

After the shutter had been released, I heard the sound of a distant explosion and felt the vibration like of a slight earthquake.

Photos: Urals, Zyuratkul


The name Zyuratkul refers to the mountain range (1175m in its highest point) and the alpine lake located in the Southern Urals.

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Photos: Spain

It’s been the second summer holidays we spent traveling to Catalonia (this time, there was a bit of nearby Southern France as well).


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Upgraded lens kit

For a while I’ve been happy about my all-in-one setup with Sigma 18-250 mega-zoom. But after a year of shooting with that lens, I began to look at a better equipment in terms of optical quality but still not sacrificing universality as possible.

Choosing an OS

There is April – the time of “to upgrade or not to upgrade” question for every Ubuntu user. For sure, the 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” release is going to be LTS (Long-Term Support) so perhaps, the answer in another time would be simple and obvious. But for me, things are much more complex now.

This article is mostly negative but I am rather confused than angry. Yes, I know that it makes no sense to bitch about open-source software: the only adequate response would always be “come in and make it better” and I am 100% agreed with that point. But the problem is much bigger than the bugs or missed features or even than controversial design decisions: the problem is an attitude which is much more difficult, if even possible to fix.

Wikipedia blackout

Just two things:

  1. Closing the resource is probably the worst idea one might have to express his/her vote for Internet freedom.
  2. Just owning a button to on or off the resource created by millions of people does not mean that the owner is granted a moral right to use that to achieve his/her particular goals.

And yes, SOPA/PIPA has to be stopped.